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My Feelings on Howard Stern’s interview with Russell Brand

So, I just listened to the Russell Brand, Howard Stern interview and I have a few things to say.

So, Katy Perry and Russell Brand- two really famous people, divorced. Naturally, people want to know why it is this has happened. Naturally, both celebrities will not really want to disclose all personal information regarding why this has happened.

As a mindless pop-culture brainwashed drone society, a lot of the time we want to know more than the celebrities are willing to share. We feel we have some kind of right, as a fan, to know the intimate details about a divorce.

When someone ‘dishes the dirt’ in an interview, we all want to be the first to hear the new gossip, and cast our own judgements on the situation.

The thing is, these are my genuine beliefs, so why is it that the fifty minutes of genuine actual ‘dirt’ I just listened to have made me feel nothing but sad.

Howard Stern and Russell seemed to have some report; they spoke to each other as friends and Russell repeatedly mentioned how he admired Stern’s radio prowess. At the beginning I thought this excused some of the bluntness of the ridiculously intrusive questions Stern was thrusting upon Ol’ Russ, but by the end of it all I could think about was why Russell would be friends with a man like this.

If you’re friends with someone, you don’t want to hurt them, you don’t want to humiliate them, and you don’t want to force them into uncomfortable situations on the live radio. All of these things I believe were done during the fifty minute radio interview.

It was 4am in the morning Russell’s time, and the interview didn’t even slowly crescendo into a hard hitting one. After about 5 minutes of pretending he cared about ‘Brand X’, Russell’s new TV show, he went straight into asking why Russell got a divorce.

He went on to repeat pathetic tabloid rumours about why Russell and Katy split up- “Katy got repeatedly bit by a spider on your honeymoon and you refused to have sex with her because of her rash”, “You have a disturbing obsession with internet wheelchair porn”, “She wasn’t dirty enough in the bedroom”.

How is your ‘friend’ supposed to deal with questions like that on the radio? Especially since Russell had already given his answer to the topic- a careful and sensitive one talking about how at the beginning they were in love, and then it didn’t work out.

There was no stopping the interviewers though. They then implied that Russell married Katy for her money (shocked that he didn’t demand any upon their divorce), married Katy for the celebrity status it would give him in America, and even that he married her because it would make good stand up material.

Now personally, after listening to Russell’s radio show for years and being a genuine fan of his, I don’t think any of these reasons are remotely true and I think it’s an awful accusation to make of anyone. But even if you are more skeptical of Brand than me, I still can’t believe anybody would advocate humiliating someone on live radio by putting forward these kind of theories. What was Russell meant to reply to any of these?

The bit however, that really upset me, and I actually said out loud to myself; “this is horrible”, is when they forced Russell to listen to Katy’s new song “Wide Awake”, live on radio, when he’d never listened to it before. They then went through and analysed the lyrics of it. I just don’t understand how they thought this fair. Not only does he have to listen to these two interviewers repeating lyrics to him such as “I wish I knew then, what I know now, wouldn’t dive in, wouldn’t bow down”, he has to actually listen to his ex-wife’s voice, presumably full of memories.

If he has gone to the effort of not listening to this billboard smashing single, there is clearly a reason for it. Why would you then put him through having to listen to it publicly, where the only option he has for it really is to make a joke out of it.

I know to an extent, everyone thinks that, since they’re celebrities they have signed up for being watched constantly by the public eye. I even agree with this to an extent, but this was just on another level.

By the end of it Russell’s publicist actually called the radio show to tell them to stop, and I can see why. Russell, admirably said nothing at all that could be construed as negative or hurtful. He made it clear that he still respected Katy a lot and didn’t want to do anything to upset her.

The interviewers reacted to comments like this by ignoring them, and moving onto more important topics like, “Let me speak to the woman in your bed right now.” In what world is that professional broadcasting? It’s just so rude.

Almost as rude as the point when the female interviewer, Robin I believe her name is, laughed at the idea of Russell being a good parent to his face. Even after Russell had gone, “Oh, come on, I’d be a good parent”, really sincerely. Perhaps Robin really believes Russell will be an awful dad, but it makes me so angry that she feels that she has the power and the authority to say to his face, on live radio, that he would make a bad parent, and he had none of the traits that would make him being a parent work.

Perhaps someone is reading this thinking, it’s Russell Brand, he’s a celebrity, he signed up for this, he can take it. And perhaps that’s what the broadcasters thought. And perhaps even Russell himself thinks that to an extent.

I don’t.

After watching the Katy Perry movie, the thing I came out of it thinking most was that really, Russell Brand and Katy Perry were two people having a divorce. Two people, with extraordinary lifestyles, and an extraordinary divorce. It didn’t work, and now they have to move on with their lives. Divorces are sad, it doesn’t matter who you are.

And rudeness is unacceptable, no matter who you are.

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